Octavia Niekoop

Who am I

  • 1.92 m
  • Mom of 4
  • Not such as an expert, right?
  • Funny and bitter in the same time
  • With lots of ideas
  • Ready to say Yes
  • Eager to say No
  • Loving all people
  • And cats
  • And Networking
  • Wishful stand-up comedian (right this was a secret one)
  • On my nerves sometimes
  • Love metaphors



So why is the cat here all the time?

 Well the word "Cat" starts with "C" from CVlize. And the moon is also shaped as a "C". I know, a little too much of weird branding.

Do you guys have a job?

Yes, I have like 5 jobs. One is a mom, 2nd is a wife, 3rd is an employee to a  multinational, 4th is a trainer, 5th is a career coach.

Why do you write mostly in English if you are a Romanian?

 My hubby does speaks English and our family is bilingual. Whoever reads the blog/site  will manage to read it in any language: Long-Live-Google-Translator or reverso or whatever other translating sites. Mum, I am so glad you succeed translating this. Say hi to Dad! 

Why is your language and approach so direct?

I guess I was tired to read all the nonsense bla bla for career and life coach, ya know, like not transparent meaningless words, a.s.o. I like to point out in my writing and work the elephant in the room (or the HUGE CAT cuddled on a moon slice in the room)

Why CVlize?

Great question! Next?


Just kidding. Well, I was at the beginning sort of  a resume bilder person so I was quite determined to find a name which would have the CV word in it.  Couldn't get, as a French Guy did not want to sell this domain, so I went with the "lise" part. Allso with

What means for you "Unlock your potential"?

A truth I  am living myself.  I know it is sometimes seen as a sort of cliche but this cliche is really GOOOD. I hope it will be used many many times!